Suzuki Grand Vitara SQ416/SQ420/420WD

Since 1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Suzuka Grandee Vitara
+ The general information
+ Maintenance service and greasing
+ Heater, ventilation and the conditioner
- Steering
   + Suspension bracket, wheels and tyres
   + Adjustment of corners of installation of wheels of a forward suspension bracket
   - System of the hydraulic booster of a wheel
      + The basic description
      - Diagnostics
         The general diagnostic table
         + Steering wheel
         + Liquid of the hydraulic booster of a wheel
         + Privodnoj belt of the pump of the hydraulic booster of a wheel
         + Idling system
         + Liquid
         + Hydraulic pressure in system GUR
         + Protective covers
         Procedure развоздушивания systems
   + Steering wheel and steering column
+ Suspension bracket
+ Wheels and tyres
+ Forward приводной a shaft shaft/bearing. An oil epiploon
+ Kardannye shaft
+ Brake system
+ Engines
+ Fuel system
+ Ignition system
+ Start system
+ Release system
+ Transmissions
+ Coupling
+ Transfer
+ Forward and back differentials
+ Windows, mirrors, locks and security measures. An immobilizer
+ Electric equipment


Procedure развоздушивания systems


  1. Lift a forward part of the car and substitute safe распорки.
  2. Add a liquid in a tank to necessary level.

Before engine start, put the gear change lever in neutral position (for АКПП in position P) and apply a lay brake.

  1. After engine work on single turns during 3 – 5 seconds, muffle it and add a liquid.
  2. With idle the engine scroll a wheel from the extremely left before the extremely right position some times and, then, add a liquid.
  3. At the working engine idling, repeat operation with wheel rotation while all foam does not leave a tank.

Be convinced that air completely left system. If in a liquid there was air the pump can publish a buzzing sound or a steering wheel can hard rotate.

  1. Check up last time that liquid level is at the necessary level.