Suzuki Grand Vitara SQ416/SQ420/420WD

Since 1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Suzuka Grandee Vitara
+ The general information
+ Maintenance service and greasing
+ Heater, ventilation and the conditioner
+ Steering
+ Suspension bracket
+ Wheels and tyres
+ Forward приводной a shaft shaft/bearing. An oil epiploon
+ Kardannye shaft
- Brake system
   - Brakes
      The general description
      + Diagnostics
      The diagnostic table
      - Check and adjustment
         Стравливание air from brakes
         Check of free height of the brake lever
         Adjustment of the light switch of brakes
         Check it is superfluous a pedal course
         Check of a free wheeling of the brake lever
         Check of level of a brake liquid
         Check of a brake hose and highway
         Check of the main cylinder
         Check of a brake disk
         Check brake колодки
         Check of a brake boot
         Check and adjustment of a lay brake
         Washing of hydraulic system of brakes
         Check of pressure of a liquid (if the car is equipped LSPV)
         Check of work of the brake amplifier
      Specifications - an inhaling twisting moment
      Necessary materials for service
      The special tool
   + Brake highway/hose the brake cylinder
   + Forward brakes
   + Lay and back brake
   + Antiblocking brake system (ABS)
+ Engines
+ Fuel system
+ Ignition system
+ Start system
+ Release system
+ Transmissions
+ Coupling
+ Transfer
+ Forward and back differentials
+ Windows, mirrors, locks and security measures. An immobilizer
+ Electric equipment


Check of a brake boot

Survey should be spent in following points after the course of the brake lever «c» (a backlash between a pedal and bitumen sheet) is checked up as is described in point «Check of a superfluous course of a pedal» in the given section even if it exceeds 115 mm (4.53 inches). Degree of deterioration brake колодки can be checked up as follows.


  1. Raise a vehicle.
  2. Remove rubber заглушку (1) from a board of a drum-type brake.
  3. Through an aperture in a board visually check up a thickness колодки a brake overlay (2). If the thickness of an overlay «f» is less, than the specified limit of deterioration, replace brake колодки with the new. A thickness back brake колодки «f»: a deterioration limit — 1.0 mm (0.04 inches).
1 — rubber заглушка
2 — a brake overlay
3 — a rim brake колодки